The mission of the West Hartford Girls Soccer Club is to make the sport of Soccer attractive and available to West Hartford girls between the ages of 6 and 19 for training, recreation, and competitive purposes.

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West Hartford belong to North Central Districts

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Useful Links:

CJSA Central/North Central: click here 

locate our current season: click on the link, fall, verify league entries, NorthCentral, W. Hartford (Girls).  Use this site to locate other clubs to play friendly games against. This site show both Central and NorthCentral districts.  Notice the level of play when picking your friendly request. 

Enter league/friendly game results: click here 

Request for a referee: click here

Travel Rank:  Click Here  Green is level 1 and so on.  

Central/NorthCentral Travel League Game Duration




U9 & U10


35 minute half

U11 through U14


40 minute half

U15 through U19


45 minute half





Central/NorthCentral Travel League Ball Size



Ball Size

U9 through U12



U13 through U19




Verify assign referee to your game

How to request a field document: click here 

Game Field Schedule Template: click here Remember to update spreadsheet with your team info, updates dates, and top header.   All game sheet get printed.  Mac user: club operates on windows only.  Any issues, convert game schedule to PDF format.  

GU9 game schedule example: click here 


How to make a player's pass



Register for Cup gamesclick here  (late fees apply if not meet deadline)

CT Cup info and enter Cup scoresclick here

CT Cup rules: click here  Cup/Connecticut Cup/CT Cup Policies

Confirm cup referee:  3 easy steps

All cup game center referee are assigned by our CSRP Assistant SAC.  Our West Hartford referee assignor submits a manager request for a cup game official to our CSRP Assistant SAC.   This information need to be submitted by Monday of that week by 5pm at the latest to insure a referee gets assigned to their cup game. 
Every team manager should be in the habit to confirm their cup referee information.  Team manager can go to CSRP’s Central AssignSte website and confirm their referee.
Step 1. go to CSRP website: 


Step 2: Scroll down and click on: 101. CT Cup North Central (Walker)


Step 3: Locate your game assignment.  Since we use LA for our referees, you may not see your local AR listed here.  If your team makes it to the semi-fianls, the North Central DRA (District Referee Assignor) will assign all three referee to the simi-final game.  All three referee will posted on Central Assign.