The mission of the West Hartford Girls Soccer Club is to make the sport of Soccer attractive and available to West Hartford girls between the ages of 6 and 19 for training, recreation, and competitive purposes.

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You will be able to pre-order your photos and pay for them with a credit card online. 
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May 21st @ Glover (Seniors)

10:00am          Nighthawks     Allstars

10:30am          Dragons           Tigers


June 4th @ Glover  (Seniors)

10:00am          Lightning

10:30am          Jaguars


June 10th @ Bugbee School (Training)  

8:30  am-         Teams   2, 6, 11

8:45  am-         Teams   4, 13, 14

10:00am-         Teams   1, 7, 12

10:15am-         Teams   3, 8, 10

11:45am-         Teams   5, 9


June 11th @ Glover (Juniors)

8:30  am          Thunder           Lightning

10:00am          Stingers