The mission of the West Hartford Girls Soccer Club is to make the sport of Soccer attractive and available to West Hartford girls between the ages of 6 and 19 for training, recreation, and competitive purposes.

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Congratulations 2015 Fall Juniors & Seniors

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Coach and Parent Corner Is Live!

   Enjoy #50 of advice

"During fun-activity time in practice, let players compete against you with the loser doing push-ups. You will never see your players try harder than when they have the chance to make their coach do push-ups! And smart coaches know that losing these competitions can fill players' Emotional Tanks to the brim!

Recognize how committed your children's coaches are. They spend many, many hours preparing beyond the hours spent at practices and games. Remember that they're not doing it for the pay!"


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If you have volunteered to coach for WHGSL, please visit the Hey Coach page (access from the Home menu) for coaching requirements and team practice drills.

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